Giclée Prints
Archival Quality Giclée Print Reproductions
Available Sizes of Giclée Reproductions
All of my various theme category images are available to be reproduced as high quality traditional or contemporary giclée prints, whether you are seeking Fine Art in Black & White or Colour reproduction work.

Giclée prints can be ordered in either Gloss or Pearl Lustre (Semi-gloss) and Matte finishes.

Please refer to the last paragraph of this page below for available standard and custom sizes.
What exactly is a Giclée?

Essentially, a Giclée (pronounced "zhee-clay") is a high-resolution fine art reproduction, printed individually on a specialized large format inkjet printer, designed to render a much higher quality print inherent of longer duration. The term Giclée which literally means "that which is sprayed or squirted" was coined in 1991 when Jack Duganne, a well known printmaker interested in the digital industry, sought a name to represent this genre of digital art / print medium. He adapted the name from the french verb gicler meaning to squirt, spurt or spray, which is the technical application process of the ink nozzle performing the actual printing work.

Giclée printers are far more technically advanced, being that they were developed specifically for Gallery quality Fine Art & Digital reproduction purposes. They represent a significant improvement over the typical desktop inkjet prototypes, which were manufactured solely for basis of routine or generic print copying applications.

These "state of the art" Giclée printers use premium pigmented inks of the highest quality, as opposed to the desktop copy printers which are only equipped with a limited 6 colour nozzle array that apply "cheaper dye based inks" to the printed surface.  In comparison, Giclée printed artwork is rendered through the utilization of from 8 to 12 different colour dedicated nozzles, designed to provide a more diversified and much richer gamut of colour combinations.
Furthermore, the final Giclée reproduction is virtually... if not identical in appearance, to the original fine art or photography image from which the print was derived.

Another advantage of pigmented inks is due to their greater chemical stability which provides for superior quality reproduction work which has been tested to last from between 100 - 200+ years, when applied to the appropriate archival quality substrates. It has been scientifically proven that excessive exposure to strong fluorescent or sunlight will reduce the overall life expectancy and quality of art, prints or photography work. This is due to the fact that light chemically reacts with the acidic residues within inferior paper surfaces and as result, will depreciate a print's overall quality, appearance and its ultimate longevity as a reproduction. Not surprisingly, this explains the necessity of printing art on the best available acid-free substrates (paper stocks, vinyl and canvasses etc.,) meeting archival standards of ph-stability and other print base manufacturing guidelines.

Therefore, Giclée printing technology offers dependable and superior results, in reference to its overall reproduction quality providing sharper details, vivid colour crispness and greater resistance to excessive light or chemical degradation. It is also significant to note that Giclée printing methods meet the highest archival standards to such an extent, that they effectively challenge the previous technologies of traditional offset / lithographic & desktop printing. 

All things considered, the Giclée is held in the highest regard and merited with the most prevalent archival status, as it offers impressive artwork of identical likeness to the original with the maximum lifespan that can be expected for a fine art or photography reproduction.

Most image selections can be ordered in a variety of standard or custom sizes. Simply indicate the chosen image to be ordered and inquire as to the specific range of size availability for the particular print as desired.

Most photos can easily be enlarged up to poster sizes such as: 24 x 36 inches depending on the original picture details and its relative image proportions. However, many of my photo images can be enlarged with impressive resolution in sizes up to 4 x 6 feet or even greater.
Once again, just request the image that you are looking for and its available maximum size will be clarified.

The key guiding factor here, is that the proportional scale of the picture must be maintained unless a cropped image choice is requested offering more flexibility.

Note: It is also possible to create a large format mural which can be assembled together in sections; when the complete size would be larger than any as listed in the table below.

The following is a list of common standard and other various print reproduction sizes available in feet and inches; however popular metric sizes can also be provided if the nearest metric equivalent is more desirable:

A variety of diversified artwork surfaces (known as print substrates) that the prints can be reproduced on, are readily available according to required decor specifications and / or individual client preferences.

Common Printing Substrates of popular selection include:

· Canvas & Photographic Vinyl
· Fine Finished Watercolour Paper
· Rough Watercolour Paper
· Gloss, Pearl Lustre & Matte Finish Paper Stocks
· 8 x 10 in. 
· 9 x 12 in.
· 8.5 x 11 in.
· 11 x 14 in.
· 11 x 17 in.
· 12 x 18 in.
· 16 x 20 in.
· 18 x 24 in.
· 2 x 2 ft.
· 2 ft x 30 in.
· 2 x 3 ft.
· 3 x 3 ft.
· 30 x 40 in.
· 3 x 4 ft.
· 40 x 50 in.
· 4 x 4 ft.
· 4 x 5 ft.
· 4 x 6 ft.