Complete Custom Graphic Design & Fine Art Illustration Services

           Available Services

Business Cards
Ad Layouts & Advertising Flyers
Logos & Letterhead Design
Web Site Concepts & Creation
Illustration Services
Permanent & Tradeshow Signage
Writing Services

         The Client will provide:

I will require a detailed outline of the specific criteria and objectives pertaining to your graphic design and/or illustration work tasks, including the expected date of delivery. 

In order to ensure that the work description is fully understood by both parties, all commissions and graphic design requests will be discussed in detail relative to the level of complexity.

At this point, we can consider various options to streamline the design intentions and projected costs, to ensure that an accurate estimate is mutually agreed to well in advance.

  What I can offer:

After carefully considering the client's expectations, budgetary constraints and the available timeline, I will submit a price quote with an anticipated schedule to accomplish the necessary artwork.

Preliminary sketches, designs and pre-production work will all be presented for review and discussion for your approval, before proceeding with its final completion.

        Method of Payment:

Corporate Sectors, Professionals, the Business Community and Private Individuals are all required to provide a 50% deposit of the estimate prior to the commencement of any work.  Currently, I accept payments by:  Certified Cheque, Direct Funds Transfer through online banking and PayPal which provides the option to pay by major credit cards. Payment for the remaining balance will be paid at the time of completion and delivery of work.

As required, it is understood that payment for all Federal Government requests will be in accordance with the "PODD" program.

Submit your Request or Inquiry:

If you have a graphic design or illustration work task in mind, simply provide me with a basic summary outlining your creative objectives and the required timeline, for my review and detailed response.

All commissioned work requests and other inquiries can be sent to the e-mail as shown below: