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March 23, 2008

Dear Kevin,

'You practice many variables in your works, from the organic to the commercial while still utilizing a natural harmony in your pieces, generally picking up an essence of history which you readily combine with much creativity in your more modern mediums expanding upon science and philosophies, sometimes thought of as religions to develop works not of this world but with direct harmony to it.

-- much the same as man's existence on this earth and within this universe, almost oblivious to all except the discerning eye who realizes how much like flowers we are in this world, only here briefly and then if only well tended though we have the ability to survive the wilderness.

Brilliantly executed and well stated in your pictorial journey of your works.....'

Best always,

Denise Ticer - Art Director

Santa Fe Art World:

February, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Kevin Mallory

I am pleased to be writing on behalf of Kevin Mallory, an accomplished photographer and artist living in Carleton Place, Ontario.

Kevin designed my most important brochure in my political campaign, a six-fold production that featured numerous photographs, endorsements, testimonials, biography, and use of colour throughout.  I ordered to be printed, over 500 of these brochures, and proudly handed them to constituents everywhere in our local riding.  As well, he designed a series of three “postcard” themes which were also widely distributed and mailed.  I felt this artwork and presentation was important in my campaign in establishing a professional and credible image as a future politician.

In doing so, Kevin worked within tight deadlines and had everything presented to me in electronic format, and helpfully asked me for comments and revisions.  He was very tactful in accepting my personal style and making changes that I desired.  All in all, we had great teamwork.

I have had the occasion to view his many other works of photography and computer art and was very impressed by his talent. 

I recommend him highly for any advertising or promotion that your business may need.   If you would like samples of the work he did for me, I hereby give permission for him to release to you any artwork and advertising that he has done for me.  If you have any questions, please contact me.


Scott Simser - LL.B.   M.B.A.
Barrister & Solicitor

30 Hewitt Way, Kanata, Ontario  K2L 3S6  Tel: (613) 599-2223  Fax: (613) 599-9050  Email:

April 16, 2008

Hi Kevin:

I particularly enjoyed how you were able to combine natural vistas with the imaginative.  The breadth of your ability and interest is remarkable.  Artists seem to confine themselves to a particular school:  impressionism.  Not you.  The natural is apparent and seems to be your forte while the fantastic holds a place of interest as well.

- Brian Jenkins - MPHIL

October 23, 2007


We recently contracted out to Kevin L. Mallory, for the Custom Matting & Framing of 13 photographic images originating from the book A Day in the Life of Canada.

These images varied in size and as several photos covered two pages, it was necessary to splice together both ends, using a unique double window mat opening.   Kevin’s creative solution to this problem was through strategically cropping and uniting the two images in order to create a more aesthetically pleasing composition.

The final works were all framed consistently with coordinating mats and frames which were selected to enhance the everyday subject matter of the photography work. In other words, the combination of the gray pewter metal frames with the conservative black matting rendered an effective compliment to the inherent simplicity of the images.

As a result, I would not hesitate to recommend Kevin for any future contracts to perform similar custom matting & framing work for our offices; as he has shown conscientious attention to detail and appreciable dedication while adhering to a realistic deadline.

Recently too, it has been brought to my attention that Kevin also offers an extensive range of other creative services regarding
Graphic Design and various commission photography tasks. In addition to this, Kevin provides a CD listing of all his available services, his Artist / Photographer Biography and a current portfolio of approximately 500 images including: Giclee Prints, Original Watercolour & Oil Paintings, Digital Art and traditional Photo images of numerous subject themes.

Therefore, I would strongly recommend that anyone avail themselves of his diversified range of products and services as Mr. Mallory is a dedicated creative professional.


Margot Davidson - Junior Administrator - Dept. of Justice Canada