Original Paintings
Currently, I have only a small representation of my original paintings in various media including watercolours, oils, pastels and ink airbrushing compositions to showcase.  However, I am presently in the process of photographing previous commissioned works and more recent creations so that the images can be displayed on my web site.  

However, if any of my paintings capture your immediate attention, please feel free to inquire as to their availability for purchasing, or I would be happy to recreate them once again ( when possible) as an original in the medium of your choice.  Any art re-created based on a previous work would be indicated as such, to clarify that the art was a 2nd or 3rd generation creation as the case may be.

All original art comes with a statement of authenticity signed by myself to certify that I am the creator of the artwork, photography or print reproductions.

My Philosophy and Experience in the Painting Process

Numerous years ago, I began my journey in the arts through the inspiration of observing my father's work as a Graphic Designer and Fine Arts Illustrator, when I took up my hand and started to draw from an early age.  My first love was for capturing images from nature, as I endeavoured to render various studies of animals in particular.  When my interests and skills in illustration became more developed, by the age of 15, I started exploring the techniques required for watercolour painting.  It wasn't very long after, that the temptation to fully immerse myself in full-scale oil painting became my ultimate passion to develop and master.

Looking back on the earlier stages of my evolution as an artist, I now realize that initially my skills in draughtsmanship were honed through the countless drawings of trees, natural settings and animals to which I felt closely connected.  These, in effect, became the structure of my creative backbone and training.  My first attempts at painting in the medium of watercolours provided for my emotional release and served as a pivotal means for my creative self-expression as an artist. You see...with watercolour painting, the emotions are at liberty to be expressed spontaneously, and ideally should be put down quickly without hesitation. 

The next step in my painting practice was to apply the different challenge of a more structured and lengthy approach, such as that required in the discipline of oil painting. In effect, the techniques of this medium provides the artist with much greater freedom and flexibility, to discover and make adjustments throughout the creative process.  In this manner , the artist has the option to carefully consider and perfect the composition's most graphic potential and ultimate idealistic vision.

Therefore as I see it, watercolour painting sets the soul free to express itself, being that it is derived from an intuitive source of inspiration.  In contradistinction, the medium of oil painting allows for continuous experimentation and renewal, due to its flexibility to reinterpret the work at hand through one's own volition and ongoing evaluation.

Although, the process is still inherently inspirational pertaining to its primary basis...the artist has the choice to deliberate and extend more time for the exploratory process, albeit... perhaps it may be more of an intelectually perceived ideal.

New Avenues Encompassing Traditional Painting and Digital Art Techniques

My most recent objectives regarding my current approach and creative direction, involves the integration of my painting with photography and digital art techniques to render a mixed media Giclée reproduction which will become a 2nd generation original. At this point, I can add selective painting work over the print to emphasize specific areas, to further enhance the composition's ultimate interpretation and potential. The question that one may ask is...if I continue the painting process over a reproduced piece of art, then doesn't that imply that the print should be defined as an original in its own right....I think the answer is obvious...of course it does!  Our perception of the actual boundaries existing between original art, a photograph or a reproduction can at times be nebulous due to technology's influence.  Therefore, perhaps the significant emphasis on distinguishing an original piece of artwork from a reproduction, should rely more upon the artist's true intention and not just the utilized medium.  For example, is a photograph just a print or really an original created with a different tool other than a pencil or a paintbrush.....or simply a different type of hybrid neither one or the other!?

From my perspective, I believe this is truly pioneering work as it holds endless possibilities and has revived my zeal for the creative process. The reason for this is due to the fact that my interest in painting, photography and the advent of computer art, offers the opportunity to render unforeseen original creative works of intuitive innovation and with quicker rendition. I feel that this new art medium has an exciting quality, as it offers a transforming variable to traditional painting methods. It shouldn't be perceived as a threat to historical techniques but may actually prove to offer more evolved levels of interpretation...

I have provided the above thoughts to convey the unique journey of my creative process and to share my personal vision as an artist, painting style and art philosophy.  I hope that this will serve to clarify in your mind my passion for the arts in all of its infinite possibilities and my own individualistic self-expression as a creative artist.


Kevin L. Mallory